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Community Outreach

Diesel Repair is partnering with Christi Rice & Co. Real Estate to send at least 200 stockings to our soldiers who are either deployed, wounded, or in the VA hospitals. We have to have our donations in by December 4th!!!!  

We are always collecting pop bottles for our troops. We will also be collecting Christmas stockings, beanie hat, as well as any of the items on the attached list.

Starting October 1 We will have Trivia Tuesday through November, correct answers will cost Tim and/or Rebecca $10.00 in donation per question as well. Anyone who would like to be involved in this it is on Diesel Repair Specialists facebook page. 

If you would like to bring in any type of donation we are collecting them here at Diesel Repair or we can arrange pick up as well.  

2019 Winter Fundraiser

This year we are starting our Christmas Fundraiser in October.  I know, you all are to claw your eyes out, I said Christmas in October; HOWEVER, we have a really good reason!!!!!

Diesel Repair is partnering with Christi Rice & Co. Real Estate to send at least 200 stockings to our soldiers who are either deployed, wounded, or in VA hospital.  We have until December 4, 2019 to submit our filled stockings.


2018 Winter Fundraisers

We came together with First Transit and supported C.S. Mott Children's Hospital located here in Ann Arbor, MI to help bring toys to the children of the hospital.  With the help of staff and customers we donated right to First Transit and they took a bus right over to the hospital.  Thank Yo to all who helped make that a possibility.

Canned Food Drive 

We found 4 families in need and started collected canned goods to provide for the families.  With great generosity we donated so much food for these families it took up 2 pick-up trucks.  Thanks for all donations and support. 

September 2018

In 2018 as a shop we came came together to support one of our own.  Dimes for the Darrell's was a great success thanks to all of Brandon's family, friends, customers and vendors of Diesel Repair Specialists, Inc.  He is better now and back to work and we could not be happier to have helped in the time of need.  Thank You to everyone for their donations, time, efforts, and overall support of their family in their time of need.  Without all of your efforts the event would not have been a success.

2017 Charity Fundraiser

This year our company has chosen six charities to help raise money for this Holiday Season. 

Warriors and Wolves, Camp Liberty,

Mott's Children Hospital, Wertz Warriors, 

Join us on our company Facebook page each and every Tuesday for Trivia Tuesday . Each question is worth $5 and donated to the charity chosen by the person with the first correct answer.

A cash or check donation in the amount up to $100.00 will be credited to any Invoice generated from now until December. Check donation must be made directly to charity.

2017 Hurricane Irma / Florida

We are hoping to help with combined efforts to fill a truck with supplies for those effected by Hurricane Irma in Florida and the surrounding areas.

Jennifer Ruffner-Modi is organizing this and sending down her tow truck as well. Her husband Kristopher Modi will be driving a semi truck.

Full Circle Trucking, LLC & Whiskey River Trucking, Inc. has donated a semi truck and trailer.

Diesel Repair Specialists, Inc. will be serving as a drop off location.

Need some people that can volunteer to help with collections, sorting and loading. If you are interested in helping please click on the link for Jennifer and contact her directly.

We will also be collecting monetary donations for supplies that are needed and for fuel use. All monetary donations are tax deductible through Angels of Heaven a 501c organization in Downriver. You will receive a tax slip on the spot if the donation is in person at a drop off location. If you would like to mail a donation you can do so at the following location:( Please write Florida in the memo of your donation) 
Attn: Daryl Thomas
Angels of Heaven
5895 Labo Rd
S. Rockwood, MI 48179

I am also thinking about porch pick ups in the downriver area for people that don't have the time to make it out to drop off donations, this will be by appointment time to aid in scheduling.

Bottled Water
Canned Food/ Non perishables
EXAMPLES: Peanut butter, granola bars, canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned juices, crackers, soups, granola bars, trail mixes, juice boxes, powdered milk
Toothpaste/toothbrushes/denture care, contact solutions
Bar Soap / Body Wash
Feminine products(Pad/Tampons)
Disposable Razors
Formula/Jar Baby food
Batteries all sizes
Flash lights/laterns
Band Aides all sizes, gauze wrap, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizers, 
Tylenol, Motrin, Aleeve, Aspirin, etc (generic is less expensive)
Pet food
Zip lock bags, gallon, quart and sandwich size
Disposable plates, bowls, utensils, and cups
Hand held manual can openers
Work gloves, garbage bags

The storage location for items to be sorted, packed, and loaded will be


Donations will start being accepted WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH at that location beginning at noon-?I am hoping to secure Meijer in Flat Rock as a drop off location I will update on that in a few days.Talk with your co workers, churches, class rooms etc to take part in this URGENT NEED. Thank You and God Bless!

2017 Veteran Hunt

Our goal is to send 1 or 2 Michigan Wounded Veterans on an all expenses paid hunting trip.  We are working with the Michigan VA to help us select the best candidate for our trip.  Our hope is to keep this going for as long as we can.  Last year we sent a Veteran to hunt Black Bear in Maine and this year our goal is Whitetail Deer and Wolves in Manitoba.

We are currently accepting pop bottles, loose change, or donations for our Veteran Hunt.  This hunt will take place in November, 2017.

We also have a container in the shop collecting food donations for a local Veteran Food Bank so if you have non-perishable food item we can take that too. 

Thanks to all who help us make this possible.


We believe it is important to give back to the community that supports our business.  Throughout the year we support multiple events as well as hold our own fund-raising events to benefit a wide variety of causes.  

Join us on Facebook each Tuesday for Trivia Tuesday!

2016 Tuesday Trivia starting in November, $5 per question to help support our charities.

We are looking for sponsors for Trivia Tuesday with a donation of $40 covering one day of Trivia.

This HOLIDAY SEASON, we will be supporting several charities who donate at least 90% of the profits to the purpose of their organization.  Our shop has tip jars available and each employee has one available.  If you  make a cash donation or check made out directly to the charity, that money will be deducted off your

December Invoice up to $50.  

We will also except returnable pop bottles as a donation, when returned the money goes directly to our Veteran Hunt.  We raise money for this event throughout the whole year and usually send our Veterans in September.